Hello, I’m Richmond, Virginia based photographer and artist Mickey Strider. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, I made my way to the Richmond area after stops in New York City, Winston-Salem, North Carolina and San Diego, California. 

Before embarking on my still photography career, I spent many years working in various roles on the film crews of commercials, music videos, television shows and films. Also a veteran of the advertising community, I have served as producer and Head of Production at several ad agencies across the country working on campaigns for brands such as Chrysler, Merrill Lynch, Wild Turkey Bourbon, Asics, Adidas Golf, Wall Street Journal, Petco and Newcastle Brown Ale, to name a few. The daily problem-solving under tight deadlines continues to serve me well. I learned to be extremely resourceful, flexible and adaptable on a broad range of projects, and thrive working under those conditions no matter where in the world I happen to be. 

In addition to my commercial photography, my fine art photography is regularly exhibited in galleries and museums across the country and lives in the homes of many collectors, as well as being featured in several publications. When I'm not out shooting I also dabble in what has been called ‘home taxidermy’ with my Salton Sea Fish, (link) a collection of mixed-media pieces created using sun-dried tilapia and various up-cycled materials found along the abandoned shores of the troubled California desert lake. 

Currently residing in Richmond with my wife, 3 kids and 3 dogs, you are most likely to find me with a camera to my eye along with a never-ending drive to create inspiring and moving work. Thanks for stopping by to check out my images. I hope we get the chance to meet and make some great work together.